domingo, 28 de julio de 2013

Inspiration 0.4 para Voyo A15

Buenos días.

Ya tenemos lista la versión 0.4 de mi Custom ROM Inspiration para la tablet Voyo A15.
Como esta versión de firmware que ha sacado Voyo, la 20130727, ya venia rooteada y con soporte NTFS, me han quitado un trabajo de encima.
El changelog de esta versión es el siguiente:

- Eliminadas las app chinas
- Incluidas las app que siempre llevan mis ROM´s
- Mejoras en el build.prop para intentar optimizar la batería, mejorar la suavidad del scroll en la navegación, mejorar la reproducción de video FullHD y optimizar el uso de la RAM.
- Y como siempre, platform modificado para permitir escribir en la MicroSD, icono de batería con porcentaje y carga, menú de varios usuarios habilitados...

Y el changelog del firm original:

1, modify the client no sound bug PPTV
2, increasing support for NTFS
3, increasing the ability to support U disk, U disk support multi-master more
4, to strengthen optimized hardware decoding capability, make the machine more processes for high-definition video playback, dropped frames, 1080P dropped frames (if you are two versions of the same video will be more obvious contrast firmware)
5, improved millet file manager for multimedia files associated with support
6, the machine comes ROOT administrative permissions, firmware has been good ROOT
7, video rendering GPU new driver
8, the machine optimized power to strengther.

Un cordial saludo a todos.

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  1. thank you Steve i cannot believe they would sell a tablet that came's out with faulty firmware and they still have not fixed it yet iam very unhappy with voyo also i bought a tv stick called cs868 couple of months ago that also has faulty firmware and they still have not fixed it but thanks i will try your firmware

  2. hey steve just installed it and have to say it looks very nice i haven't re installed my apps yet but will came back and give you my feed back i just wanted to say is it possible to have the home and back button on the left bottom of the screen thanks

  3. It´s possible, but now I´m working in perfomance utscript, and compile a rescue SDcard for those that tablet bricked on updated.
    Perhaps on next revision, ok?

  4. when ever you are ready iam not in a hurry just a quick Question why did people brick their tablets was it firmware or was it the people and by the way your a top bloke for being so understanding again thank you very much

  5. There is a problem with updates in boards manufactured by Urbetter, like this.
    When updated, frecuently write NAND in eMMC and don´t write correctly, and the tablet don´t boot up.

  6. for the first time i went to switch on the voyo and all i saw was a blank screen but after i stuck a needle into the reset hole every thing was fixed

  7. hi steve i was wondering is it very hard to cook roms could you direct me to a tutorial that i could follow in regards to this tablet i have some linux skills and a bit of hackintosh i wouldn't say iam very good with terminal but i think i can just get by thanks

  8. thanks for your effort steve and for your good work i donated way paypal not much but iam a little short on money but any donation is a good donation i guess

  9. just made a quick video of the inspration 0.4

  10. Hi, adem.
    Thank you very much for your help, for your work and for your donation ¡¡¡¡
    Cook Roms itsn´t difficult, buy in this tablet, you must be knowledge of Linux.
    If you have it, yo can start looking for "built rom" in XDA forum, the best of the developers forums.

  11. hey steve i been playing around with kitchen i managed to install cygwin and use kitchen to extract your 0.4 rom found some vids as well not easy but not impossible either just a quick question have you ever delt with allwinner a31 roms (cs868 tv stick) i used the same kitchen application but it does not work the firmware are img files and nothing opens it 7zip winrar kitchen

  12. also is it possible to install clockworkmod on this device i think thats one of the major questions thats being asked on the net

  13. Hi, adem.
    kitchen don´t work with this system.img, you must decompiled and compiled only in Linux.
    About Recovery, isn´t easy because Urbetter don´t mount partitions.
    We are working about it, but it´s a long investigation.

  14. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

    1. hello steve, formatted the microsd in fat32 put the files on inspiration 0.4 and rebooted the tablet to update however the screen went black and he does not turn on any more, can you help me?

  15. This is a brick, read this:

  16. Steve, do you have any tutorial to make a partition in sd card? I'm got problems with that

  17. My english is very bad for this, go to
    There is several guys that unbricked it and I´m sure that help you.

  18. I'm sorry that bothers you again, i have problem in this part of tutorial:
    "5. Si es necesario , porque no se pueda leer en Windows, formatea la partición de la mSD (2,8 GB)
    6. Copia los fichero de la Rom Inspiration a la mSD."

  19. You must format this partition with management disk, so you can copy all the rest of Inspiration files and flashed it.

  20. I created 2 partitions on both fat32 thereafter left the first unallocated and created the disc with gestor voyo, then formatted the partition was unallocated and created the disc with WinImage (administrator) but does not work =/

  21. You are wrong, first use winimage and after format in FAT32 the 2.8 Gb. partition with windows management disk.

  22. Many thanks Steve, thank you everything is working perfectly, I'm looking forward to the new version of inspiration = D

  23. hi steve camer on skype does not work is there a fix that you are aware of t hanks